I’m Andy Copeland, an accredited coach working with leaders across the globe to develop leadership capability.

Are you beginning your leadership career and do not know where to start with leading people?

Are you a middle manager aspiring to take your next step and would like support in developing your skills in: influencing across the organisation, managing difficult relationships or leading through others?

Are you a top-level leader for whom people leadership takes up all of your time and you require some space to work out how to become more strategic?

I work with leaders at all levels in order to help develop your leadership capability through a greater understanding of your own patterns of behaviour. I help leaders to develop strategies and ways of behaving and interacting with others that will both improve your leadership and career performance and ensure that you stay true to the values you hold.


Specific experience of coaching

I have completed hundreds of hours coaching time, and been successful in supporting leaders to explore the challenges they face in their new roles. I help leaders to develop strategies and ways of behaving and interacting with others that will both improve their leadership performance and ensure that they stay true to the values they hold.

Working in the in the Financial Services, Energy, Transport, Food Packaging and Education industries as well as with Public Sector clients, I bring a range of industry experience to my practice.

Recent Successes Include:

  • As part of his work with a large Energy company, Andy has successfully helped clients to progress up the organisation by working on feedback gained from line managers and in interviews.
  • Working with a client in the Financial industry, exploring the tensions between ethics, values, personal wellbeing and maintaining strong performance in a tough environment. Understanding personal drivers and values and using these as a lens to develop strategies of behaviour that mean that these tensions no longer fight against each other, but instead are all a part of the same whole person.
  • Developing confidence after feedback from line managers and peers about ‘leadership presence’.
  • Working with a client in Asia who was one of the first female factory managers in a leading food packaging company in order to develop ways of leading and managing that both felt ‘right’ and took in to account some complex cultural assumptions.
  • After a particularly provocative 360 feedback report, challenging a successful HR leader that their development would be best served by looking at their strengths of: always being in control and being strongly task/outcome focussed and the impact these had on those whom they work with. Developing ways of maintaining those strengths, while at the same time stretching the capability to be more collaborative and relational when required. This led to dramatically improved performance, not just personally but of their whole team.




“Using strong listening skills, alongside organisational and theoretical knowledge, I aim to help my clients understand their role in the organisation and to discover new approaches and behaviours that allow them to succeed in new or different roles.

I use a person centered approach informed by the principles of Transactional Analysis and Gestalt in order to help foster a strong relationship that allows us to explore and reflect on both what is happening in daily life and in the moment.

One of my strongest skills is being able to notice the reactions of both myself as the coach and my client in the moment and using theory and organisational knowledge to explore what these phenomenon mean and the implications they may have.”

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